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How to convince your boss to move towards virtualization

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Virtualization is a combination of software and hardware engineering that lets you create many virtual machines inside of one physical machine which is running on a single operating system.

Virtualization technology manages itself with perceived activity and utilization, giving and sharing resources wisely as needed. With particular emphasis on Greener Technologies, reducing the carbon foot print, virtualization has taken the lead in reducing power and space requirements for computers. In this article we will tell you about what are the advantages of virtualization, it might even help you putting a business case or a sales pitch before your supervisor to get going on the virtualization path

How to convince your boss to move towards virtualization

Convince your Boss to Virtualize

Virtualization saves costs and reduces carbon footprint:
You no longer need individual physical servers for performing dedicated tasks. With Virtualization you can have one physical server host many virtual servers. This saves rack space, power and hardware costs. You can re-task your hardware to better things. Modern day virtualization platforms such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V is included with the Windows 2008 R2 SP1 server and you do not need to pay additional costs for licensing. Other leading edge Virtualization technologies from VMWare do provide alternatives such as VMWare server in addition to their licensed software. The smaller carbon foot print makes virtualization a green technology, benefiting our future generations

Virtualization provides Centralized Monitoring and Maintainence:
With centralized monitoring and maintenance, modern day virtualization platforms provide an easy way of connecting, monitoring and maintaining your virtual infrastructure, gone are the days when you had to either walk to each server or log on to it remotely via a separate process to perform maintenance on it. Centralized monitoring and alerting capabilities are definitely a plus.

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