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How to turn an old computer into a modern computing device using the Cloud

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How many times have you come across a desktop or a laptop that you think have become old and you are double minded what to do with it ? Junk it or use it  or give it to a charity ? Well, with all the innovation today in Virtualization and Cloud based apps, we are going to show you how you can turn your old computer into a modern computing device that runs great and serves your purpose. When I talk about being old, I mean really small system requirements such as maybe 256 – 512 Megabytes of RAM, low end CPU and maybe only a 4 GB hard drive!

Got you interested yet ? OK!  its all possible using a “Cloud Based” operating system called Joli OS. Joli OS will install as any traditional OS on a laptop or a computer but with extremely small foot print and system requirements. Its beautiful, elegant and has a very small footprint. It is also the best Laptop Finder in the market. Here are the reasons you should give Joli OS a try and why you would love it.

Joli OS Cloud Desktop

Put and old computer to work fast:

If you have an old computer or laptop that you are thinking of Junking, put new life into it by installing Joli OS and the power of the cloud work for you. Only the applications you specify will be installed locally, there is no data stored locally and all the work is done by applications out on the internet cloud.

Non invasive, secure, cross compatible and maintenance free:

Joli OS is based on a Ubuntu Linux operating system, which offers a lot of flexibility and variety for everyone. You can even dual boot your Windows operating system with it or just run it off by running it of a CD. This Cloud OS makes Malware, Spyware and Viruses a thing of the past.

Complete Portability due to the Virtual Cloud:

Being a Cloud base operating system, it offers complete portability. You can access your applications and desktop from any internet enabled machine and your work and applications will be synched to the desktop. For that, you would need a fast and reliable internet connection. You can try it out here. Joli OS is launching  an iPhone and Android version as well. It also offers one click Synchronization with services such as DropBox, so that your files are available everywhere.

Working offline on a Cloud Based Desktop:

Although it’s a Cloud Operating System, you can still work offline, not connected to the internet with Joli OS. You can local applications, folders and services which will let you work even when you are not connected to the internet.

Tons of Apps and its all free:

At the time of writing this article, Joli OS claimed to be having 1500 free applications for you to use and best of all the OS itself is free too. So what are you waiting for…? Make sure you give Jolli OS a try, its the thing of the future ! You can download Jolli OS from the Jolli OS Website. We will also be providing a step by step HOW TO document for setting up Jolli OS.

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