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What is PC Over IP Protocol

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PC Over IP also known as PCOIP is a leading technology being developed by VMWare in the world of Virtualization. PC Opver IP lets end users view their Desktops without any video degradation. PCOIP features full video acceleration. Using PC Over IP protocol a service such as that from VMWare  can present your virtual desktop in the cloud with no latency in video and other applications. Its like working with a Remote Desktop Client, only that the Remote Desktop client feels like you are working on your physical desktop sitting on it and not remotely.

PC Over IP Protocol

What’s cool about PC Over IP (PCOIP):

The beauty of the capabilities offered by PC Over IP is that it uses video compression over standard IP (Internet Protocol) using the internet, yet delievering a very sophesticated end user experience for the users video. In the following video you can see a demonstration by VMWare that shows how a 3D rendering of Google Street view and other applications happens using PC over IP, with normal latency and an “artificially introduced” latency of 300 ms, simulating an actual internet connection.

The results are indeed amazing you will notice that the application over the internet latency behaves almost the same as being served from a local LAN.

PCOIP automatically adjusts for changing network conditions:

PC Over IP lets end users use a thin client or a zero client (no configuration needed) across the internet and even with changing latency and network conditions, it adjusts the video accordingly within the limits set by you to still deliver you an exceptional video experience. Playing a graphics heavy game or working with a 3D rendering application is not a problem with PCOIP at all.

Advantages of PC Over IP:

PCOIP greatly assists in VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), where a user gets a “hosted” desktop. PC Over IP provisions for your desktop to be hosted in the Cloud or on a Central server, this lets you use older machines with old hardware to act as your thin clients serving you a high end desktop experience. You can now have a longer “hardware refresh” cycle in your organization, saving hardware costs. Local USB and peripheral devices such as printers can be made available to your Virtual Desktop, eliminating in the need to buy extra hardware. You can now access your virtual desktop, literally from anywhere, this eliminates expensive office and utility costs. Most servers that work with PCOIP have advanced features such as thin provisioning built in, letting you use your CPU and Storage resources very effectively. Systems Administration costs are greatly reduced as you can manage Virtual Desktops centrally and have a standard deploy-able desktop image based out of a template.


PC Over IP is a protocol specifically developed to provide cloud based or centralized hosting services for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It greatly enhances the end user experience by providing high end graphic performance, even in high latency internet conditions. PCOIP makes VDI more viable and attractive as unlike with other remote desktop capability, it provides you with a lot of cost savings as well.

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