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Learn Virtualization using the cloud based service VMWare GO

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Another good resource to learn virtualization is VMWare GO. VMWare Go is a free cloud based service from VMWare that lets users wanting to learn or implement virtualization. IT administrators with any expertise level in VMWare products can use this web based service to install and configure VMWare’s vSphere’s Hypervisor.

Installing the Hypervisor on a live remote Windows target:

With VMWare GO you can install VMWare Hypervisor on a machine using the wizard service from the website, it can advise by scanning a remote target about System Requirements as well as check it against the HCL approved by VMWare. You do not have to boot the remote target with an ISO if its running Windows already, VMWare GO will take care of it, although the Windows installation will be wiped completely.

VMWares Cloud Based Service called VMWare GO

Creating Virtual Machines is a breeze with VMWare GO:

You can create Virtual Machines with VMWare GO in one of four ways, a) By importing existing Virtual Machines from VMWare server or other VMDKs b) Creating a new virtual machine c) Doing a Physical to Virtual conversion to bring in a physical machine using VMWare vCenter Converter, you can also use the vCenter converter to bring in virtual machines created in other Hyper visors such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V d) You can directly import a virtual machine from VMWare’s virtual appliance market place.

Other good features of VMWare GO:

VMWare GO service can perform hardware inventory and software metering on your virtual infrastructure. In addition to this, it gives a unified picture of your complete virtual infrastructure. It lists all your Hypervisors in one place and lets you manage them centrally. You can also perform all operations on your VMs such as mounting CDs from the machine you are on, powering the VMs off and Off, renaming them or deleting them.

VMWare GO provides a free and unlimited “scheduled patching” service as well that can monitor all your virtual machines. In addition to this, you get access to VMWare Community and Forums for help and resources.

What do you need to access VMWare GO:

You can access the VMWare GO service from VMWare’s website. You will need a username and password to log on, this is the same username you use to download trials and other free VMWare products. If you do not have one, you can easily register yourself for free. You will need a high speed internet connection and a supported web browser.

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