Learn virtualization using free Microsoft Virtual Labs

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Learn Virtualization using Free Online Microsoft Virtual Labs

I wanted to mention another excellent online resource to you for learning virtualization and that is Microsoft’s Virtual Labs. We try our best to bring you the best virtualization resources possible (see our post about using VMWare GO service to implement VMWare VSphere). Microsoft provides several resources to learn Hyper-V (its baremetal virtualization hypervisor) as well. 

How to check if hardware assisted virtualization is working in the BIOS

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Testing Hardware Assisted Virtualization at BIOS level

Modern day machines come with support for hardware virtualization technology at the BIOS level. This is also called VT (Virtualization Technology) for BIOS or Hardware Assisted Virtualization or x86 virtualization. The use of BIOS Virtualization became prevelant when Microsoft released Windows Vista and a lot of applications from Windows XP were not compatible with the Vista OS. Microsoft. 

Why free Citrix Xen Server might be best for SMBS

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Citrix Free XenServer might be the best option for SMBs

In our earlier post we compared the free features of VMWare’s free Hypervisor solution called VMWare ESXi free and discussed its advantages for virtualization startup companies. In this article we will compare another bare-metal Hypervisor solution from Citrix for SMBs. The three top players today in Virtualization Infrastructure market are VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix. Citrix has. 

What is the difference between ESXi and ESXi free edition

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Difference between VMWare ESXi and ESXi free edition

ESXi and ESXi free are both versions of VMWare’s baremetal Hypervisor that lets you run an enterprise class virtual infrastructure. There is a big difference between ESXi and ESXi free, ESXi is the licensed version. The download for both of the free and licensed version is the same. Once you have downloaded the ESXi version, you would be sent a license key and depending upon the free. 

What is Internal Network Virtualization and External Network Virtualization

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Internal Network Virtualization

One of the big branches of Virtualization these days is Network Virtualization. We touched earlier on What are different types of Virtualization and skimmed through the topic of Network Virtualization. Network Virtualization is one of the younger branches of virtualization. In this article we will go through and talk about two different types of virtualization technologies, internal virtualization.