A great resource if you want to learn VMWare Virtualization

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VMware Virtualization Education Resource

If you are like me, you are always wanting to know about Virtualization technologies out there. VMWare as you know is a big player in Virtualization and holds the biggest market share of all in all areas, including storage, desktop, server and network virtualization. If you are a beginner or even an expert at virtualization and wanting to know more about functioning and setting. 

How to turn an old computer into a modern computing device using the Cloud

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Joli OS Cloud Desktop

How many times have you come across a desktop or a laptop that you think have become old and you are double minded what to do with it ? Junk it or use it  or give it to a charity ? Well, with all the innovation today in Virtualization and Cloud based apps, we are going to show you how you can turn your old computer into a modern computing device that runs great and serves your purpose. When. 

What are main application virtualization software suites

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Main Application Virtualization Software

Application Virtualization is a virtualization technology which lets you “prepare and isolate” an application so it can run on its own, without writing any files or registry entries to the underlying operating system. Application virtualization is different from Server Virtualization or Desktop Virtualization. A virtualized application is typically a single executable whose purpose. 

What is the difference between VMWare Server and VMware ESXi Server

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As you all know VMware is the big player in virtualization. In this article, we will discuss the differences and similarities between VMWare Server and VMWare ESXi server. To be precise, I would like to mention that we will be comparing VMware server 2.0 with VMWare ESXi server. Until a few months back, the only free server offering from VMware use to be VMWare Server 2.0 but now VMWare has. 

What are different types of virtualization

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Different Types Of Virtualization

In this article we will touch base on different types of virtualization available to us. When we say different types of virtualization, we are not talking about vendor specific technologies (such as Hyper-V from Microsoft, VMware or Citrix etc).  Each type of virtualization has its advantages and major players in the field which specialize in it. Our earlier article about How to convince.