What is Hosted Virtualization and Dedicated Virtualization

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Dedicated Virtualization with VMWare Hypervisor

Hosted virtualization also called as the Management Layer Approach is simply speaking the virtualization that end users use hosted on their own Computer or Desktop. In Hosted  virtualization, you typically use your own machine’s Hardware and operating system to run a virtualization software such as VMWare Server, VMWare Workstation, Oracle Virtual Box  or Microsoft Virtual. 

Learn Virtualization using the cloud based service VMWare GO

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VMWares Cloud Based Service called VMWare GO

Another good resource to learn virtualization is VMWare GO. VMWare Go is a free cloud based service from VMWare that lets users wanting to learn or implement virtualization. IT administrators with any expertise level in VMWare products can use this web based service to install and configure VMWare’s vSphere’s Hypervisor. Installing the Hypervisor on a live remote Windows target: With. 

What is PC Over IP Protocol

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PC Over IP Protocol

PC Over IP also known as PCOIP is a leading technology being developed by VMWare in the world of Virtualization. PC Opver IP lets end users view their Desktops without any video degradation. PCOIP features full video acceleration. Using PC Over IP protocol a service such as that from VMWare  can present your virtual desktop in the cloud with no latency in video and other applications. Its. 

Big companies form Open Source Virtualization Alliance to down VMWare

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Open Virtualization Allaince

VMware has long been a leader in Virtualization market. In an ever growing Virtualization market, the three main players have been VMWare, Microsoft (Hyper-v) and Citrix. There are a lot of other vendors for Virtualization solutions such as IBM, RedHat, HP and Intel. VMware has got most of the market share with 59% followed closely behind with Microsoft with 53% and Citrix with doubled market. 

How to convert physical machines to virtual for free

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Convert Physical Machines to Virtual for free

Converting a physical machine to a virtual machine is one of the first steps you tend to do once you have your virtualization environment all set up. Physical to Virtual or P2V conversions can be performed in number of different ways. In this article we are going to explain how you can use VMWare’s free tool called VMWare vCenter Converter to convert a physical machine to a virtual.